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Hey there, the name's Red! I'm a senior at LPA, Dorm A1! Let's be friends, okay?
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“Um, well…! Yeah!” She confirms, a breathy, soundless laugh sneaking out of her throat and into the air. She scratches her blushing cheek, trying to fight her smile from the kiss he just gave her and the way he was smiling. She takes hold of one side of his jacket, wrapping it further around her. With her other hand, she takes hold of his and? Wow pulls him along to her dorm!

Okay then.

They really aren’t too far from Yellow’s dorm, but every step feels like a million years to him. Red lets her guide him along, the still air frozen in contrast to their restless breath, and he doesn’t speak a word up until they reach the doors of her dorm.

Excitement and nervousness toss his stomach back and forth until Red decides he can’t take it anymore. He pushes the dormitory doors open recklessly and shuts it behind them, grabbing Yellow’s wrist and kissing her hurriedly. 

"You’re really sure about this, Yellow? We could get in big trouble," he mutters quietly to her, lifting his jacket off her shoulders gently and running a nervous hand up her arm before bring it back around the hem of her shirt, "Aren’t your roommates sleeping?" 

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Yellow likes kissing Red. He feels warm and strong and stable against her hands and her lips. She smiles, a little laugh leaving her at the feeling of the boy’s hands wrapping around her waist. She allows herself to be pulled into his lap, she allows his hands to be pressed up against her face, she allows their lips to press together again through their slight smiles. 

She jumps, visibly bristling at the voice. Her fingers grip onto Red’s shoulders tighter and she looks around, trying to find the owner of the voice. Of course, in the dark it was a useless endeavor, and the person seems to be gone now anyhow. She lets her tensed up shoulders relax and presses her lips together, shifting off of Red’s lap and standing up again. She brushes off her skirt and clasps her hands behind her back, looking to the ground shyly, just a touch of pink coloring her nose and cheeks (maybe from the cold) (it’s not from the cold).

“Um…” She mumbles. She chews on the inside of her cheek for a moment in contemplation. “It’s… getting kinda late. Do you wanna go to my dorm?”

When Yellow gets up and dusts herself off, Red can’t help but feel a twinge of disappointment at the sudden lack of contact, but the embarrassed look on his girlfriend’s face tells him she’s not done with him yet. He finds it hard to suppress the bemused grin growing across his face.

He slings his arm lazily around the top of the bench and gives her a mischievous glance. Cocking his head to the side, he yawns slowly and contemplatively, teasing the girl in front of him. “Hmm, I don’t know… it is late…” he gets up casually, taking a few steps forward. Red doesn’t slow his footsteps, not even when he zips down his jacket and shrugs it off, not even when he droops it over Yellow’s shoulders and takes her hand in his, not even when he sneaks a quick peck on her cheek and smiles childishly at his shoes. 

"Is it really okay? With you? If we go to your dorm?"

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Yellow likes to feel the warmth of Red’s hand against her’s — she smiles a bit, wrinkling up her nose and closing her eyes. “I’m just glad you’re smiling again~!” She laughs, her voice maybe a bit too bright and a bit too loud for this time of night. It’s long past curfew, they aren’t even supposed to be up, much less outside. But security does seem to be a bit lax at the academy despite their strict vice principal — no one is going to find them here (or ruin the moment).

The blond also moves a bit closer, so they’re shoulder to shoulder, their hands resting on the space where their thighs meet. She rests her head against Red’s shoulder, sighing contently. “Hm?” She mumbles. She shifts back and blinks her eyes up to him. “You don’t need to ask… !”

Before Red can even respond, Yellow untangles her fingers from his and rests both of her hands on his shoulders, pulling him down slightly to make up for the height difference. She tilts her head up and, still smiling, kisses him right on the lips.

Her bright, innocent eyes look up at his and he’s thinking that this moment can’t get any better, when suddenly the girl puts her warm hands on his shoulders. Before he can even open his mouth, her lips are on his and sparks are flying and Red’s mind shuts off for good. He cherishes the warm contact, warm enough to block out the biting air around them and closes his eyes, pulling away softly. His face positively glows with mirth.

"I know," he smiles against her lips, "s’just out of habit, I guess." He pulls the blonde gently onto his lap before cupping his hands around her face and rejoining their lips together, heart beating so wildly that he swears Yellow can feel it through his jacket. 

He’s praying that no one’ll find them and ruin the moment, but well, it was rather late. Just as things began getting interesting, someone shouts from a distance harshly and Red pulls away, glancing in their direction and back at Yellow. He grins devilishly, arms still snug around her waist, nudging her for thoughts on what they should do next.

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“It’s okay…!” Yellow reassures distractedly as she watches Red run his hand through his hair again, messing it up further. She raises her eyebrows at the way he won’t look at her (or really at anything that isn’t the ground). She’s about to ask again if he’s sure he’s alright (he’s just acting so weird), when he abruptly turns to face her, his face determined and a bit pink.

“Wh… what?” She asks, her words catching in the back of her throat. Her ever-present, slight smile fades into a confused frown and she pulls back a bit to look up at Red, her hand slipping from his grasp and landing on the cold wooden bench. “Is this why you’re acting so strangely? Because of some stupid rumor?” She shakes her head and looks him straight in the eye. “Nothing happened between me and Touya. I don’t even know him.”

She breathes out a sigh through her nose, hand creeping back over to Red’s, the tips of their fingers just touching. “Of course I still feel the same about you~!” She finally says, her smile returning. “I still like you Red — a lot!”

He doesn’t think his heart could’ve dropped any lower than when she pulls her hand away. Feeling rather pathetic as he listens to her words, Red wonders why he’s turned this into such a big deal. This wasn’t like him at all. Was he really that doubtful of Yellow’s loyalty? 

With a sigh, he shoves his negative feelings aside and twines their fingers together, lifting it between their faces. A few moments of contemplation and silence go by before finally, he breaks the stiff atmosphere with one of his signature warm smiles and says, “Okay… I’m glad!” 

Of course, he still had his doubts about her relationship with Touya, but he just decides to let it go. He wasn’t one to hold grudges, and who was he to decide who Yellow wants to talk to? Instead, he just hopes that their relationship doesn’t go further than good friends (but, well, if it did, then he supposes it’d be his own fault in the end). 

Snuggling closer, he smiles contently, relieved that this whole ordeal had blown over and that the two had solved it before it could mark a lasting dent in their relationship. Silence fills the air again, the only difference this time that it’s a more comfortable, fond silence. So then Red leans down to her ear and asks her quietly, “Is it okay if I kiss you?” 

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Yellow lets out a laugh. “If you say so~!” She looks at him expectantly, waiting for him to either reject or accept his offer. She can see the hesitation in the way he takes a step backwards; she presses her lips together. But as he sits, she follows suit, smoothing out her skirt before taking a seat. She places her sketchbook to the side.

She can feel just a tingle of touch from Red’s hand — she slips her hand into his and scoots a bit closer.

“Hm?” She mumbles. “Oh! The Halloween party was really fun~! Er… well. I mean, a lot of people were drunk,” she pauses. “And Ruby was being weirdly mopey, but I talked to Touya a lot…! Do you know him?” Before Red can even answer or react, she continues. “He’s really nice!” She swings her legs back and forth, her skirt fluttering in the late-night breeze. She’s still wearing her uniform — it’s been a long day. It’s freezing out, the cold ocean air drifting from the coast into town. She shivers slightly and then crosses her legs, trying to think of more things to say. “I got tired pretty quickly though… in fact, I think I fell asleep in my dorm but was moved to Mei’s later~!” She smiles at Red, looking to the side shyly. “It would’ve been more fun with you there, though.”

A small, warm hand slips into his and Red looks up in surprise, his eyes searching hers for some sort of assurance that she still felt the same as he did. His eyes drop slowly to the ground, mindlessly comparing their shoes as he listens to her chatter about the party. He winces a little as she begins to describe Touya because he can just taste the jealousy on his tongue, but quickly straightens again so that she doesn’t suspect his twinge of envy. 

He wonders if the rumors were true, about the younger boy carrying her to Mei’s room, and if it went further than that. His heart hurts.

"Sorry I couldn’t make it," he swallows thickly, "but I’m glad you had fun..!" He wonders why nowadays, fake smiles are all he can manage. With a small sigh, Red runs a hand through his hair, messing it up even more than its current state, wondering how exactly he was to bring up the whole gossip issue. 

Silence rings heavily in the air between them, until Red decides he can’t take it anymore. He turns to face her, blushing slightly but determined to fix things. “I read the rumors blog. I read about what happened between you and… Touya. I want to— no, I need to know whether you still feel the same about… me.”

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Head down, hands shoved deep in his pockets, Red walks slowly, dragging himself away from the dormitories. He thinks and thinks and thinks, wondering why he’s so upset and why he even read that stupid blog, and what he did wrong and what he should do now that Yellow as isn’t interested. of course she’s still interested you bAKA

He’s not the type that lies to himself, and he’s not the type that thinks too hard about anything, but this was Yellow. And so as he walks on, forcing one foot in front of the other, imaginary visions of what happened that night with Yellow and Touya plague him, and he wonders exactly to what extent the rumors were true. He’s on the verge of convincing himself that maybe, just maybe they weren’t meant for each other, and maybe they rushed into a relationship too fast, when suddenly a flash of blonde catches his eye and then all of the sudden he’s face to face with the girl that he so desperately wanted to see and avoid at the same time. 

“Oh, hey Yellow,” he clears his throat and pastes on his best attempt of a smile, “um, yeah I’m fine! Totally feeling great, how about you?” 

Yellow tilts her head, a hesitant smile on her face as he finally responds. He seems so distant. “I’m fine, but… are you sure?” She brings her hands around her back, still clutching at her sketchbook, and leans forward, her ponytail swishing around with the movement of her head. “You seem… distracted!”

A sudden thought clicks in her mind — what if he saw the gossip posts? That’s a worrying notion to say the least, but Yellow seems to think that something like that wouldn’t cause him to get all out of sorts. Then again… she taps her fingers against the back of her sketchbook, making a dull tapping sound against the cardboard. She straightens up and gestures to a bench with her free hand. “Do you wanna talk?”

"Yeah… yeah, no I’m fine! Ah," he falters for a moment, "no, just a little tired is all!" Red lets out a small chuckle, not at all convincing, but, well, he tried.

She motions to the bench, and a part of him is itching to run back to the dorms and avoid this whole mess, but then another part says to sit down and settle things, no matter how good or bad the outcome will be. Conflicted, his feet shift backwards for a moment, but then he notices Yellow’s face and her soft expression, and the way she straightens and rocks back and forth on her feet and her cute voice as she asks him to talk, and so he plops down tiredly onto the bench and tries for another goofy grin.

The tapping sound from Yellow’s sketchbook lingers in the air as Red tries to form words, and suddenly his mouth is dry and he doesn’t know what to say (which is odd in itself, because Red always has something to say). So instead, he pulls a hand out from his pocket and hovers it shyly over hers, his fingers just barely skirting around her fingertips. His eyes are questioning and his mind is screaming, but his heart thumps angrily and so he just lets everything out.

"How was the Halloween party?"


“Thank you~!” Yellow yells out at the last minute as she exits the brightly lit art room into the darkness of almost-midnight. She gives one last wave good-bye to the art teacher, boy was she nice for letting the junior stay so long. It was just that she had been having a bit of trouble lately working in her dorm, especially with all the gossip that had been circulating about her and Touya recently. The thought makes her frown.

Yes, it was much easier for her to work in the art room until the long hours of the night.

She lets out a weary sigh, clutching her sketchbook in her arms. Despite her dirty hands and her tired legs, she is still happy — happy to be getting some sleep, at the very least. She walks through campus (which was pretty spooky at night, she had to admit), listening to the sounds of pokémon in the trees and the rustling of leaves until she comes upon the dorm building. She starts to push against the door when she can hear the entrance of the boy’s dorm next store creek open. It’s hard to see in the low lighting but—

“Huh…? Is that Red?” She mumbles, talking only to herself and the darkness. She raises her voice and an arm up in a wave. “Hey, Red~!” She grins, trotting over to him. He looks like a wreck, his hair is all messed up — she furrows her brow, her smile melting into a concerned frown. “Are you alright?”

Head down, hands shoved deep in his pockets, Red walks slowly, dragging himself away from the dormitories. He thinks and thinks and thinks, wondering why he’s so upset and why he even read that stupid blog, and what he did wrong and what he should do now that Yellow as isn’t interested. of course she’s still interested you bAKA

He’s not the type that lies to himself, and he’s not the type that thinks too hard about anything, but this was Yellow. And so as he walks on, forcing one foot in front of the other, imaginary visions of what happened that night with Yellow and Touya plague him, and he wonders exactly to what extent the rumors were true. He’s on the verge of convincing himself that maybe, just maybe they weren’t meant for each other, and maybe they rushed into a relationship too fast, when suddenly a flash of blonde catches his eye and then all of the sudden he’s face to face with the girl that he so desperately wanted to see and avoid at the same time. 

"Oh, hey Yellow," he clears his throat and pastes on his best attempt of a smile, "um, yeah I’m fine! Totally feeling great, how about you?" 

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The room is dark, darker than usual, dimly lit only by a small laptop. The dorm is empty and desolate. A boy sits hunched over his desk, taking in the contents of the opened internet browser before him.

Red eyes scan the recently infamous rumor blog that’s been gathering all LPA’s student’s attention these days, and he drinks in the most recent post. 

He was at a loss of what to feel. No, that wasn’t quite right. He was indeed feeling something, but what was it? Disappointment? Anger? Sadness? Maybe it was a mixture of all three. Red swivels around on his chair and scuffles over to his bed, knocking over some of his textbooks along the way. He slumps down onto his bed and crawls under the covers. Reaching an arm out, his hands search for his cellphone atop the side table. Only when he unlocks the screen and reads a message from Yellow does he realize exactly what he’s feeling.


He should have spent more time with her. He should have made it more evident that he was hers, and he should have been proud to show it. He should have swept her off her feet and he should have gone to that Halloween party and he should have been there for her, he should have… oh, he should have…

With a heavy sigh, he deems it impossible to go to sleep and instead rises to a slouch, ruffling his hair irritably. He glances at the laptop once more before shaking his head slightly and getting up, grabbing a coat and walking out the door, shutting it softly behind him. 


Now, Damion may not be the official pitcher for the baseball team— but he’s certainly familiar with how and where to aim. It probably helps that his idol, Dizzy Dean, is a pitcher— and the blond is more familiar with throwing balls than the average person might expect, considering how skinny his arm looks.

He’s had just about enough of watching amateurs throw and miss such a blatant target when he pushes through the crowd and gruffly slams money into the palm of the booth attendant. Damion is mid-wind up, arm set back and leg lifted when the dunk-ee speaks up. He grins into the bars.

“Don’t worry about it!” Exclaims the sophomore, shouting over the chatter of the growing mass of spectators. By that, he means, don’t worry about him not being able to hit the target— Damion is more than sure that he can hit the mark without giving it his best shot.

But he will, anyway, since the red-eyed stranger is encouraging him to. With a deep breath, he shifts his feet back from the tape line on the ground and tosses the ball between both his hands, checking for the weight. It seems normal. He leans back whips his arm forward, sending the ball flying into a four-seam fastball.

It slams into the red target, and the sound of a lock on the bench being released is heard.

Red watches with excitement as the blonde steps up to the line. Through the metal bars he watches him toss the ball between his hands, giving the impression that despite his skinny arms, the boy possessed the confidence of a professional. But the teenager doesn’t even have time to prepare himself as the ball flies through the air and slams straight into the target with a loud click. The platform he was sitting on suddenly vanishes from beneath him and Red swears his heart drops with him as he plops into the pool of ice water. 


The water is freezing, and although it shocks him, making every hair on him stand, Red bubbles with laughter, seeing the shocked expressions on the crowd’s face through the pane of glass. He flashes a thumbs-up under water before emerging to the surface and shaking out his hair, reviving his spikes to their natural wild form. Turning to find the pitcher, Red peers through the metal bars, scanning the crowd for the boy. Who was he? All of the confusion and ruckus from the crowd makes it  impossible to spot the boy directly— after all, he never really got a good look at the pitcher’s face— so instead the teenager climbs back onto the plank, cups his hands around his mouth, and shouts playfully, “Hey, not bad! But I don’t think I caught your name? Not a good first impression, you know!”

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The hustle and bustle of the carnival goes serves for a pleasant background. The ‘IN’ paper stuck to Gold’s booth ruffles as a breeze goes by and— strangely enough, when he waves out into the faceless crowd of students, one steps closer.

“Wuuooah,” Gold eases out a low and awed noise from his mouth as the coin finishes its chattering at the bottom of the emptied out pickle jar. His brow arches in an appreciative motion as he pulls his arms from behind his head, greeting the taller boy amiably. “If it isn’t Red!” Gold brings his hand into a two-finger salute. “Greetin’s to ya, Senior!”

The soles of his shoes scrape up against the hastily painted plywood as he leans himself forward in his chair, putting forth some kind of effort to look interested. A comfy, borderline smug smile settles itself onto his features as he absorbs the rosy hue of Red’s face.

“Yer gonna have t’speak up a l’il.” He rests his chin in his palm and looks up at the older boy— someone that Gold had grown to see in an almost idolized light. Admittedly, he knew Red didn’t quite think the same of him— he (Gold, that is,) guesses it’s skewed because of the whole “senpai” factor. Or, maybe because the Junior is kind of a delinquent.

“What can I do ya for? Gal problems?” 

The way Gold looks up at him only adds fuel to Red’s growing embarrassment because Red swears he knows exactly what’s going on. “What! Um, gal problems no way not me nuh-uh!” Shoulders bristling, Red splutters and directs his gaze down at his shoes, at the tuft of grass tickling his ankle, at the small ant crawling up the booth, anywhere but Gold’s eyes. 

A tense silence hangs in the air for about a minute before Red decides he can’t take it anymore. “Okay fine! Yes, girl problems,” he begins to pace back and forth in front of booth, eyebrows furrowed and his eyes still determined to stay glued to the ground. Then, he stops. And then just as abruptly, Red swivels around and stares Gold right in his amused face, groaning with frustration, “It’s Yellow! I asked her to the dance and she said yes and everything’s amazing but there’s just this one problem that I—” 

The fact that Red was here asking advice from Gold on a subject like this was humiliating to him. Not because he was asking an underclassman, but because of the fact that he was here to begin with. He was a well respected guy, and although he was never as involved with girls as Gold was, it was downright common sense that he should know something as trivial as this… right? 

"I—I can’t really dance. I mean come on," Red drops another dime into Gold’s jar dismissively, as if with every dime another of his problems fell in, too, "Grinding? On Yellow? I’ve known her for years and…" He sighs again in shame. He waits for Gold to start howling in laughter because this senior, this role model has been reduced to this out-of-character, desperate, nervous wreck. “I want to kiss her but… she’s so innocent and it’s probably her first kiss and mine… too…” His voice shrinks back and he’s hoping, praying that maybe he didn’t hear that last part, because he’s 18 and he should have done that a long time ago but he just… never got around to it.  Adjusting his hat, he tosses another dime into the jar and braces himself for Gold’s advice, whatever it may be.